Cabinet DOROTHEE Madiya is a Law Firm and Attorneys in mines  whose members accompany and assist for over fifteen years both moral and physical individuals in developing their business in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Blue diamond

Cabinet DOROTHEE Madiya is a specialized consulting firm in business law, mining law and the law of oil and it also deals with all legal issues including business tax law, labor law, the law of energy , administrative law, etc..



The dynamism and the quality of its members has allowed the firm to ensure the interests of several national and international mining companies as agent in Mines and Quarries and protect those interests that both defendant and plaintiff with government bodies court. In the same vein, the Cabinet DOROTHY Madiya also provides lobbying various institutions in the interest of its customers.

Its headquarters is located in Kinshasa, capital and DR Congo and has a representation in Lubumbashi in Katanga Province and common roaming increasingly  in other provinces of the country such as Kisangani.